Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A finished quilt

Here is a quilt by Ms Midge

Its called wavelength from Freshly pieced.
The panto midge chose is called
She wanted something to soften
 the angular pattern of the quilt pattern.

I've known Ms Midge since she was just a "chicken"
She is an amazing wife and mother,
And for a person who never thought she'd be remotely
interested in quilting, well, I'm impressed!

Of course Miss Lucy had to get involved, again!
I think I might have to lock her out the next time I'm taking photos!
The only time she's interested in sitting on a quilt is when it's spread out
on the floor!

Pop over to Ms Midge and have a look at what she's up to,
I'm sure you'll like the quilt candy!

Thanks for popping by


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  1. Sitting at a workplace tonight, killing time, so thought I'd catch up on some reading! Then came across this post :) Cute kitty! x