Saturday, 13 June 2015

10 yards

Here is a quilt of my own,
inspired by the many quilters who have
made quilts with a modern retro feel

I purchased fabric from one of my favourite
online stores.
10 yards of fabric from the one range.
I made the top with the addition of olive coloured

Hmmm, there's a bit of fabric over!!!??
So, I made a pieced back.
I got to use fabric I really liked that didn't
make it to the front of the quilt.

Hmmmm, What about those selvages??
Easy Peasy!!
Mug rugs with tiny quarter Dresden's in one corner,
Free motion quilted on my domestic machine.

10 yards is allot of fabric!
So here's one more thing.

The pattern for the squares can be found at
Hyacinth Quilt Designs
I have made this design before in a lager block size
so when I saw that she had reduced the size
to mini, I thought I know what I'm going
to do with that and the other leftovers.

Not much left now!!
Or so I thought,
I found this folded up in my stash
when I was planning another stash busting quilt.

Oh well, I'm sure this happens to the best of us
I shall wait for inspiration for how I will use this.
Almost finished now, I just have the binding to do.
The cot size quilt will be for sale when it's finished,
So, if your interested, feel free to contact me.

Thanks For Popping By

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Where did the time go?

Well! where did all that time go!
I haven't really hit the ground until now.
I spent quite a bit of time removing all these,

so that I could quilt this,

I first saw this quilt at
I ooohed and aaahhhed about it to my friend Linda,
Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when she told me
it was hers!!!! and bonus! She had written the pattern for it!
And so began my journey with this quilt,
and here it is finished!
It measures 73x 81 inches.

I made an attempt,

to finish this,

went there!
That was fun!
I made new friends,
there are a couple of old friends here as well!
And of course there was quilty kind of shopping,
more on that later!

Came home, made and quilted this quilt in five days
so it could be gifted for a 21st.

here's the back.
All made with fabrics purchased while I was in the U.S.A

and then I had a lot of customer quilting to get done,
I didn't get photos of many of them, 
because Christmas was six weeks away and I just had to get the work done.
We had a two week break at the beach,
 and I managed to make a very scrappy cot quilt
in between house guests,
and then I came home to more customer quilts.
I feel like I have just caught up!
 I will endeavour to do my best to keep up with projects and W.I.P
So, stay tuned!!

Thanks for popping by