Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nana's Daughters Quilt

I made a quilt for my Mum.
I found a piece of blue vintage corduroy in an "opp shop"
I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it,
that was until I was inspired by a two colour quilt
in a recent edition of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting
Only I had to make it a three colour quilt,
as there was not quite enough of the blue cord
to make a reasonable sized quilt.
Mum may be a tiny person, however,
it needed to be big enough to "tuck her in"

So here it is
Pin wheels and paddle wheels. 

Yes, the pink is BRIGHT!!
But little old ladies like bright colours

The corduroy was quite nice to quilt
I used wool wading, I like the loft of wool,
and as you can see the feathers pop nicely,
and after a wash it felt quite yummy!

So here she is, Iris Jean,
Marvelling at what allot of work I'd put into making
a quilt for her.
Mum has dementia,
So I'm sure that it will be a cause of conversation
and constenation for my sister
who cares for her full time!

Thanks for popping by

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A finished quilt

Here is a quilt by Ms Midge

Its called wavelength from Freshly pieced.
The panto midge chose is called
She wanted something to soften
 the angular pattern of the quilt pattern.

I've known Ms Midge since she was just a "chicken"
She is an amazing wife and mother,
And for a person who never thought she'd be remotely
interested in quilting, well, I'm impressed!

Of course Miss Lucy had to get involved, again!
I think I might have to lock her out the next time I'm taking photos!
The only time she's interested in sitting on a quilt is when it's spread out
on the floor!

Pop over to Ms Midge and have a look at what she's up to,
I'm sure you'll like the quilt candy!

Thanks for popping by


Friday, 11 July 2014

another one from the "box"

Those who know me, know this story.
I'm still a little gobsmacked by it.
Perhaps the heading should be, how lucky am I.
Back when I had decided this was the path I was taking
I was out with my sister when we stopped by
an "op shop" we hadn't been to before.
There, just inside the door were 3 containers,
filled with fabrics, from fat 1/8ths,
to lengths of more than a metre!

As my fingers walked over these not so neatly folded gems,
"Hmm, I like this one, and I like that one, oooh!
that one's nice" I then say to myself,
What do you think your doing, just buy it all!
I turned to the man behind the counter and asked,
"Is this the correct price?"
"Yes dear, that's the price per piece"
In my head I'm trying to remain cool,
"OK then, I'll have them all".
20 cents per piece! A grand total of...........
$25 .00!!!
When I re-folded these wonderful reproduction gems, my cane basket
was FULL! so full that I had to stack the larger pieces
on top, so looking at it now, I've used quite alot!
No more stacks on top!

So, what am I doing with these lovely cotton gems!
I have included some in a couple of quilt tops.
One of which was at the red and white display at linda's
folded with other flimsy's.
The pattern is called China Girl, from fons and porter.

It hasn't been quilted yet, I've been waiting for an epiphany,
and it did come, just need some time to put it into play.
But, more recently, I have been working on another project
that includes gems from the box

This will be a copy of an antique scrappy pyramid quilt.
Lots and lots and lots, of 2in triangles,
lots and lots of 3in triangles,
and lots of 5in triangles!!
and of course there is a story attached to why I'm making
this particular quilt, which I will share when it's finished.
I'll say this much,
It involves The Wonderful Linda!
Most of the blocks have at least one fabric from the box,
and shirting's with other fabrics  to fill in the gaps.
But in the mean time, there are customers quilts
to quilt, so I had better get back to it.

 Thanks for popping by!