Monday, 26 May 2014

A New Chapter!

Buying 'millie' Has been steep learning curve for me,
a case of........"feel the fear and do it anyway!
So, this is what I did with the good stuff!
Dove in the window.


There was a bit of unsewing involved for me to be happy with the centre points
that was before I knew about foundation papers!

I made this for Linda to display back in 2012,
I had only been quilting for about four months when I did this
so looking at it now, there are a lot of wobbles!

The quilt measures 74" square
I used wool wading
The finished block size is 13"
The small stars are 2 1/2" finished

Any way, Millie beckons!

Thanks for popping by!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Where to begin?

This looks like a good place to start!
Way back in 2010 I started to play with this block.
The inspiration for this block came from my well thumbed
copy of Ruby McKims 100 patchwork blocks.
While I have been a quilter for many years, I had
 taken a long break to pursue a different career path,
and now I'm back.
I wasn't sure how I'd go, I was quiet rusty!,
So rather than use "the good stuff" I cut up some old shirts and away I went!
In a subsequent post I will show what I did do with the good stuff! 
So, in 2011 I purchased an APQS longarm quilting machine,
so there I began a new journey, I must say the Internet has become my friend!
I am inspired by the multitude of talent out there, for that I am truly grateful.
Primarily I have begun this blog as my on line quilting journal,
 However, I would be very happy if you decide to come and visit me sometimes. 
Thanks for popping in,